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Coffee and Tea


Tim Hortons prices go up—but coffee is spared

The usual breakfast and lunch fare at Timmies will now set customers back an extra five to 20 cents to account for increased operating costs (mercifully, it’s suspected that coffee products haven’t been affected). Things have been shaky for the Canadian favourite as of late, with declines in store traffic, an ongoing search for a new CEO and that pesky drought poised to drive up food prices across the industry. We imagine its executives are stress-eating Timbits by the dozen right now. [Toronto Star]

  • Raif

    I can’t believe the minimum wage increase in Nunavut would cause Tim Hortons to raise prices across the country. I guess a 1 billion dollar annual profit isn’t enough. The new rule of economics is now based on, gouge what the traffic will bear. What ever happened to the rule recover your overheard and expect a reasonable profit, usually suggested to be between 15% and 30% of net. Maybe my education in economics is dated but I can alwys take faith in the fact that things were fair then.

  • Steve R

    Getting what you can has always been the rule of econcomics and capitalism.

  • matt

    I stopped going to tim hortons when they Last raised their prices. How do you justify $1.65 for a medium shifty cup of coffee? It does reflect the actual cost of homebrew. It’s discouraging.

  • matt