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Coffee and Tea


Tim Hortons’ new-ish lattes now available iced (whipped cream and caramel shots optional)

(Image: Tim Hortons)

For many Tim Hortons devotees, the iced capp ushers in the start of summer. But this year, that iced coffee drink is going to have competition, thanks to new cold drink options from the coffee conglomerate. Today, Timmies announced that the lattes, part of its recent line of espresso-based drinks, will also be available iced. Starting at $2, the iced lattes can be topped with whipped cream and chocolate drizzle, or amped up with shots of caramel, vanilla, hazelnut or milk chocolate (the press release includes a handy infographic with all the options). No word yet on how Stuart Ross, the owner of Bulldog Coffee, is taking the news (regular Dish readers might remember he was no great fan of the original, non-iced versions). [Tim Hortons]