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Coffee and Tea


McDonald’s gives away coffee in promotion that has nothing to do with Timmie’s Roll Up the Rim

Three-time loser (Image: Shayne Kaye)

It’s that time of year again, when coffee aficionados ditch their independent coffee shops, and the streets are strewn with Tim Hortons cups. Yes, it’s time for Roll Up the Rim to Win. This year, however, McDonald’s isn’t sitting idly by as the country gets ready to roll. The Star reports that the fast food giant is handing out free coffee for two weeks. A spokesperson for McDonald’s says the promotion has nothing to do with Roll Up the Rim, but rather that it’s due to the increased exposure of the fast food chain during the Olympics, when commercial breaks offered nothing but McDonald’s, Visa and Government of Canada ads.

This is the third time in a year that McDonald’s has resorted to giving away free beverages (last April, the chain handed out coffee in an attempt to lure Starbucks customers). It’s a tactic that works for the company. According to the Star, of 15 billion coffees sold in Canada last year, “Brand was the deciding factor in 40 per cent of cases, quality in 30 per cent and price in only 25 per cent.” This means that java junkies now have to weigh “free” against a chance to win one of 40 Toyota Rav 4s. With the luck Toyota is having, this sounds like a toss-up to us.

McD’s goes free to counter Tim Hortons [Toronto Star]

  • john

    tims hortons one day will be checked and should be checked to see whats reall yin there coffe that hooks ppl on this health canada. are turning a blind eye on this . time to do the home work ppl .

  • Ross Simmonds

    I think its pretty obvious that McDonalds knows what they’re doing. Its going to be hard for them to compete with Tim Hortons in the Canadian market and this is one hell of a way to get some people on their sides. Sure some people will not admit that the coffee’s taste the exact same but those who aren’t Tim coffee connoisseurs will have no reason not to go after a free cup. You can put any word in front of the word coffee but only one will bring tons and tons of people through the door – Thats free.

  • Michael Nadler