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Toasted Tangerine food truck motors down for good

Toronto’s food truck scene took a hit Saturday when The Toasted Tangerine announced it would be winding down. Alyssa Tangerine, co-owner of the truck alongside her husband Adrian, spoke to The Dish about the reasoning behind the closure. Primarily, she told us, the couple decided to pack it in following personal health issues on her part, which made it difficult to continue working on the truck. But in addition to those concerns, she told us that costly city-sanctioned rules and restrictions made it nearly impossible to turn a profit. And it turns out that showing up at big festivals wasn’t much of a solution either—Alyssa explained that vendor fees to park at a three-day event could cost up to $1,000, and that’s on top of the price of gas, employees, propane and food. “I don’t know what they think we’re selling,” Alyssa says of her $8 fare, “there’s no gold in my sandwiches.” The couple plans to take time off for now, but another food-service venture isn’t entirely out of the picture. It’s safe to assume, however, that unless there are some drastic changes in city by-laws, you won’t see these two on another truck. As Alyssa explains, “I don’t see any longevity in the business.”