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Maclean’s anoints The Grove Canada’s best new restaurant

Maclean’s is getting into the restaurant ranking game: as a prelude to its first special edition covering the best restaurants across the country, the magazine announced yesterday that Dundas West’s The Grove is Canada’s best new restaurant of 2012. Normand Laprise of Montreal’s Toqué was named chef of the year, while the Maclean’s restaurant of the year accolade went to Vancouver’s Hawksworth Restaurant. The list was compiled by a team of critics led by Jacob Richler, and the the 132-page issue hits newsstands October 1.

  • sugarsugar

    har har har, o maclean’s…

  • Igor Kenk

    Jacob Richler! LOL!

  • foodforall

    Damn well deserved! Hard to say without having eaten at new restaurants across the country, but even with the glut of new restaurants opening in Toronto this year, The Grove stood out from the pack. TO should be proud of this little gem of ours.

  • seriously

    what a joke. the grove is a pathetic excuse of a restaurant. if you love luke warm food and stupid dots on your plate go to the grove.

  • danielle

    Ah, the douche is back in town, eager to assassinate the character of a talented chef. Stay in your parents’ basement you sad troll.

  • ieatcereal

    Cmon really the groove…after all mccleans is an irrelevant magazine just like the restaurant it has picked for number one.
    the grove steals ideas nothing is original, overpriced food that makes no sense. Ben is time to get back to what you do best, washing dishes. pedestrian restaurant run by first timers with second hand furniture. goodwill looks better than the groove.

  • danielle

    Correction: Sad trollsssss.

  • notdan

    LOL…the groove’s time has come and gone, it lasted a total of 10 minutes…let the big boys play thank you david chang, ben and his team amateurs can continue shoemaking food.

  • Michael

    I haven’t been checking out new restaurants as aggressively as I used to but, I did make a point to check out The Grove given the high praise bestowed by Maclean’s. Although I don’t feel Maclean’s is an irrelevant magazine it’s probably an irrelevant restaurant guide. The food at The Grove wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great either. We had the table furthest to the rear of the dining room, with a view into the kitchen. One of the chef’s (I’m using the term loosely given what we witnessed) had a habit of tasting, stirring and tasting from the same spoon. Yes, putting the tasting spoon that was in his mouth back into food being prepared for the restaurant. Once, could be an oversight on anyone’s part or even a mistake on mine. But, once witnessed I couldn’t help watch and saw it happen about 3 more times in a 15 minute period or so. The reality is that if the chef (or person preparing food) does that 4 times in 15 minutes,,, he does it all night, every night and it’s disgusting.