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Snacking leads to suspension as another TTC employee is caught slacking

A TTC bus driver—allegedly caught taking a seven-minute, mid-route coffee break—may believe that his union membership exempts him from punctuality, but it couldn’t protect him from the wonders of YouTube. The driver has been suspended, and his actions are under investigation after this video surfaced Wednesday morning showing a cavalier TTC employee walking off his bus at 3 a.m., leaving the doors open, and entering a Country Style doughnut shop. He proceeds to use the washroom and purchase a beverage while passengers wait helplessly on board.

The passenger who captured the video told the National Post that the driver had been partaking in the same routine every weeknight for the past two weeks, treating himself to unauthorized breaks lasting up to 10 minutes at a time. Other passengers can be seen grumbling their frustrations, but to no avail: near the end of the video, the driver raises his finger to his lips to silence a rider who confronts him. “This is the 21st century, kid, not the ’60s,” the driver allegedly told the cameraman, indicating that he’s a union member. “I can do whatever I want.”

Twenty-first century, indeed: modern technology seems to stymie the TTC at every turn. Last week, Transit Commission chair Adam Giambrone apologized for the poor performance of TTC staff, in part due to massively Twittered photos of TTC workers sleeping on the job.

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