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Memoir: two young protesters find love among the tents at Occupy Toronto

Memoir: Your Tent Or Mine?I’m a 28-year-old film editor, and I don’t want for much. I live in a spacious apartment on a quiet street off Queen West. I rarely have trouble finding meaningful and well-paying employment. But after following the Occupy Wall Street protest in New York, I was inspired to step outside my comfort zone.

On Saturday, October 15, when a group of people set up tents in St. James Park, I decided to stop by and show my support. By the time I got there, the sun had begun to go down and a general assembly was underway. There were hundreds of people of various ages and ethnicities, income and education levels, all energized and eager to have their voices heard. At the end of the assembly, a smaller facilitation meeting was organized in the park’s gazebo to discuss the process of working together as a group. There were about a dozen of us. As the sky darkened and the floodlights lit up the gazebo, we began introducing ourselves. Almost immediately, a familiar voice spoke.

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